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Environmental Design & Permitting


environmental design

What is Environmental Design?

Environmental design can also refer to the applied arts and sciences dealing with creating the human-designed environment. These fields include architecture, geography, urban planning, landscape architecture, and interior design. Environmental design can also encompass interdisciplinary areas such as historical preservation and lighting design. In terms of a larger scope, environmental design has implications for the industrial design of products: innovative automobiles, wind-electricity generators, solar-electric equipment, and other kinds of equipment could serve as examples. Currently, the term has expanded to apply to ecological and sustainability issues

EE&G – is South Florida’s preferred environmental design , site assessment and engineering consultant company. We count with the most experienced project managers, engineers, designer, technicians, CADD specialists, and construction, administrative, and management personnel. Environmental engineering and permitting services offered by EE&G include:

  • Construction management services
  • Civil site development, design, and permitting
  • Planning, design, construction, and operation of remediation systems
  • Stormwater planning, design, management, and permitting
  • Water and wastewater treatment evaluation design and permitting
  • Design of aboveground/underground storage tank systems
  • Design of landfill gas mitigation systems (vapor barriers & passive/active ventilation)
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Waste minimization and pollution prevention plans
  • Institutional (engineering) control design and implementation
  • Design, implementation and monitoring of dewatering systems
  • Stormwater runoff evaluation and treatment design
  • Sanitary sewer and lift station evaluation and design
  • Operations and maintenance plans


EE&G provides environmental design services including implementation of
underground storage tanks and complete site assessments – Miami, South Florida

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