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Under/Aboveground Storage Fuel Tank Mgmt.

EE&G Environmental Remediation offers comprehensive underground storage tank management services, ranging from assessment to closure and remediation. Ranging from assessment to closure and remediation. Storage tank management services offered by EE&G include:

  • Tank inventory, priority ranking and management planning
  • Design and permitting of new or replacement tank systems
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans
  • Design of SPCC improvements and SPCC training
  • Tank closure and environmental oversight
  • Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation


Underground Storage Tank Design & Replacement

EE&G can properly design and implement the closure or replacement of underground storage tank (UST) and fueling systems to comply with the upcoming 2009 compliance deadline. Additionally, EE&G has a Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractor (PSSSC) as a designated subcontractor to properly permit, remove, and/or install both USTs and aboveground storage tanks (AST). While these storage tank upgrade issues can usually be planned and budgeted in advance, EE&G often identifies forgotten and/or improperly-abandoned USTs during routine Phase I and II ESAs, which require proper closure (abandonment-in-place or removal) within 90 days of discovery. Therefore, we are poised to provide immediate response to these issues should they arise unexpectedly.

EE&G – Underground Storage Tank Services in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Melbourne, South Florida.