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Forensic Investigations

EE&G has developed a three stage approach to resolving indoor air quality issues which results in the most successful and cost-effective completion of IAQ projects. Many indoor air quality complaints can be easily resolved without sophisticated sampling.

Phase I IAQ Site Investigation

  • Inspection and characterization of the HVAC system
  • Visual inspection of the facility for evidence of microbiological amplification
  • Interviews with affected occupants (employees)
  • Measurement of thermal comfort parameters (temperature, relative humidity)
  • Determination of the amount and distribution of fresh air
  • Evaluation and documentation of operations, which may impact, air quality
  • Determination of pressure differentials and mapping of moisture vapor
  • Identification of moisture content in building materials


Phase II Air and Material Sampling

  • Airborne particulate characterization
  • Surface microbial organisms
  • Dust mites
  • Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOCs)
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Airborne microbial organisms
  • Bioaerosols (skin cell fragments, insect parts, fibers, dust and aero- allergens)
  • Cockroach extract
  • Radon gas


Phase III Remediation Design

  • Test and Balance of HVAC System
  • Adjustment of HVAC system to provide higher quality of air
  • Retrofit of HVAC system to allow more fresh air to enter the space
  • Restructure maintenance activities, including training of staff
  • Design HVAC system to allow for improved distribution of air
  • Comprehensive cleaning and decontamination of duct systems and Air Handlers


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