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Phillips & Jordan Aboveground Storage Tank Closure Assessment Report (TCAR) – Port Richey, Florida
October 13, 2015

EE&G I Phillips & Jordan Aboveground Storage (TCAR) I Port Richey, Florida. EE&G was contacted to assist in environmental matters regarding the “on-site” closure of a 9000 gallon petroleum and associated solids (tars), aboveground storage tank (AST). The AST was filled with liquid petroleum and petroleum solids (tar). The AST had to be opened and cleaned on-site, the AST was disassembled and petroleum materials removed using a berm and mixing the petroleum tar material with sand and loading onto lined trucks for transport to a licensed disposal facility per regulatory requirements. EE&G personnel supervised the AST cleanout, removal and site rehabilitation in less than one week. A tank closure assessment report (TCAR) was completed to document the AST closure per regulatory requirements.


In addition EE&G completed a pre-disposal profile assessment regarding the materials to be disposed. Do you want to work with us? Click here and take a look at current openings. 

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