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Disaster Response

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PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  Hurricanes Maria and Irma were regarded as the worst natural disaster on record for the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. EE&G was retained by Excel Contractors USA, 4 Contractors JV, and Yates-Bird, LLC including local institutions such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to implement the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Read More…

EE&G Disaster Response I World Trade Center I Disaster Restoration

Disaster Response

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EE&G was retained by P&J to assist with the WTC Recovery Operations,and disaster response. As  you Might know Disaster recovery (DR) involves a set of policies, tools and procedures to enable the recovery or continuation of vital technology infrastructure and systems following a natural or human-induced disaster. Disaster recovery focuses on the IT or technology systems supporting critical business functions, EE&G  was Read More…

EE&G Disaster Response I Hurricane Wilma in Fall 2005

Disaster Response

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EE&G was retained by P&J and mobilized within 12 hours. They mobilized to various trailer parks throughout South Florida following Hurricane Wilma in Fall 2005. The EE&G team performed initial damage assessments of 100’s of trailers and park facilities. On the other hand and then aided the prime contractor with pre- and post- reinstallation inspections. Read More…

Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne

Disaster Response

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EE&G was retained by The School Board of St. Lucie County to provide emergency response services after the impact of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. As a result of significant water intrusion, EE&G managed and conducted a massive cleanup operation which included a room-by-room, building-by-building assessment, and remediation of water-damaged materials and Assumed Mold Growth (AMG) Read More…