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Environmental Design & Permitting

EE&G environmental specializes in business environmental risk and Disaster Recovery addressing the surrounding environmental parameters when devising plans, programs, policies, buildings, and/or products. Environmental design and planning is the moniker used by several Ph.D. programs that take a multidisciplinary approach to the built environment. Typically environmental design and planning programs address architectural history or design (interior or exterior), city or regional planning, landscape architecture history or design, environmental planning, construction science, cultural geography, or historic preservation. Social science methods are frequently employed; aspects of sociology or psychology can be part of a research program.

We count with the most experienced project managers, engineers, designer, technicians, CADD specialists, and construction, administrative, and management personnel.

Environmental Design & Permitting:

  • Construction management services
  • Civil site development, design, and permitting
  • Planning, design, construction, and operation of remediation systems
  • Stormwater planning, design, management, and permitting
  • Water and wastewater treatment evaluation design and permitting
  • Design of aboveground/underground storage tank systems
  • Design of landfill gas mitigation systems (vapor barriers & passive/active ventilation)
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Waste minimization and pollution prevention plans
  • Institutional (engineering) control design and implementation
  • Design, implementation, and monitoring of dewatering systems
  • Stormwater runoff evaluation and treatment design
  • Sanitary sewer and lift station evaluation and design
  • Operations and maintenance plans

We have provided consulting services in the onsite wastewater and related fields for over 30 years, serving a variety of clients including homeowners, builders; commercial and industrial, and governmental entities. We feel our clients are best served when represented by consultants such as ourselves that have only our client’s best interest in mind; helping them achieve their desires in an environmentally sound manner keeping with existing laws and regulations. Contact us for a free consultation.