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Indoor Air Quality Testing & Monitoring

At EE&G we offer Indoor Air Quality Testing & Monitoring. As is often the case with an IAQ investigation, the collection of data is paramount to properly identify potential sources, causes as well as likely solutions. EE&G employees a pragmatic approach to testing that is based on current industry standards while placing the Client in a defensible position. This philosophy results in the most cost and time effective approach to collecting data. Given that each IAQ investigation is truly unique and therefore requires a customized approach to testing, EE&G has developed comprehensive test methods to fit any given project. The following tests may be used to aid in EE&G’s investigations:

  • Screening for airborne mold.
  • Surface qualitative and quantitative testing for mold.
  • Characterization of ventilation systems using environmental parameters
    such as temperature, Relative Humidity, and dew point.
  • Measurement of outside air volume and distribution.
  • Surface or airborne dust characterization.
  • Combustion by-product screening.
  • Testing for IAQ related volatile organic compounds (TVOC).
  • Quantification of allergens including dust mites, roach, pet danger.