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Mold Assessments

EE&G provides a wide range of in-depth inspections such as mold assessments and removal for mold found in buildings and on building materials. Our hygienists provide solutions and detailed data qualified to be used in court and insurance claims.

Our mold inspections can typically include:

  • Location of the source of the problem
  • Consultation for health problems caused by mold
  • Air or surface sampling, both culturable and nonculturable, if applicable
  • Data reports and documentation
  • The scope of work to remove mold, if necessary

The inspection will determine what kind of mold genus were found in any indoor environment. Our industrial hygiene experts will determine the cause of any indoor air quality problem and come up with a solution. Should Mold-Impacted materials be observed and subsequently removed, EE&G can perform a Post-Remediation Verification (PRV). The purpose of the PRV is to document completion of the scope of work and that the mold has been properly removed in allowance with current industry standards. A PRV typically includes a Visual Inspection, Air Sampling or Surface Sampling and Close-Out documentation.