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EE&G Mold and Asbestos Consulting I Panama City
October 13, 2015

EE&G was retained to provide mold and asbestos consulting services for a 14 story elderly/disabled residential high-rise located in Panama City, Florida. The building was exclusively Section 8 housing (HUD) and had been impacted by water intrusion through the building envelope. EE&G’s scope of work included; mold and asbestos consulting, mold assessments, asbestos testing, development of a mold remediation scope of work, establishment of budgets for remediation, oversight of remedial actions and post-remediation verification testing.

Due to the elderly occupancy of the facility in concert with likely compromised immune systems, it was critical to properly plan an approach that met the needs of the facility. EE&G presented a variety of plans to address the work at hand with minimal disruption to the facility. This included relocation and storage of thousands of personal items of the residents, complete tear-out of effective building components, incorporation of a modified HVAC plan, cleaning and removal of assumed mold growth of personal belongings and building systems, removal of asbestos materials and a variety of logistical concerns with removal and replacement of belongings.

EE&G was required to work adjacent to residents in an occupied elderly facility while removing impacted building materials and personal belongings. EE&G Mold and Asbestos Consulting process is completed on time and efficiently. EE&G provided negative pressure containment and decontamination systems. This engineered system consisted of 6-mil fire-retardant polyethylene sheeting and 2000 CFM negative pressure devices with HEPA filtration.

EE&G worked closely with building management for the relocation of tenants, building ownership related to impact, schedule, budgeting, and completion of the project ahead of schedule. There was little regulatory interaction, other than the notices mandated by law for removal, disposal, and inspection of the completed work.