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Underground Storage Tank

EE&G offers under/above ground storage fuel tank Management. All comprehensive underground storage tank management services, ranging from assessment to closure and remediation. Ranging from assessment to closure and remediation. Storage tank management services offered by EE&G include:

  • Tank inventory, priority ranking, and management planning
  • Design and permitting of new or replacement tank systems
  • Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans
  • Design of SPCC improvements and SPCC training
  • Tank closure and environmental oversight
  • Soil and groundwater assessment and remediation

Underground Storage Tank Design & Replacement

EE&G can properly design and implement the closure or replacement of underground storage tank (UST) and fuel systems to comply with the upcoming 2009 compliance deadline. Additionally, EE&G has a Pollutant Storage System Specialty Contractor (PSSSC) as a designated subcontractor to properly permit, remove, and/or install both USTs and aboveground storage tanks (AST). While these storage tank upgrade issues can usually be planned and budgeted in advance, EE&G often identifies forgotten and/or improperly-abandoned USTs during routine Phase I and II ESAs, which require proper closure (abandonment-in-place or removal) within 90 days of discovery. Therefore, we are poised to provide an immediate response to these issues should they arise unexpectedly.

Groundwater Storage

Large amounts of water are stored in the ground. The water is still moving, possibly very slowly, and it is still part of the water cycle. Most of the water in the ground comes from precipitation that infiltrates downward from the land surface. The upper layer of the soil is the unsaturated zone, where water is present in varying amounts that change over time, but does not saturate the soil. Below this layer is the saturated zone, where all of the pores, cracks, and spaces between rock particles are saturated with water. The term groundwater is used to describe this area. Another term for groundwater is “aquifer,” although this term is usually used to describe water-bearing formations capable of yielding enough water to supply peoples’ uses. Aquifers are a huge storehouse of Earth’s water and people all over the world depend on groundwater in their daily lives. Contact us for free consultation.