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About EE&G Companies

The EE&G Companies dates back to 1986 and has been in business for over 33 years. EE&G has built is reputation in the Environmental Industry by providing quality and diversified expertise to its clients with an array of Contracting Services including Abatement, Remediation & Renovation, Restoration, Construction/Rebuilding, Disaster Response, and Mechanical, Electrical and Roofing Contracting.

EE&G is headquartered in Miami Lakes, Florida, with convenient locations strategically selected in the States of Florida and Georgia. Today, thanks to their unsurpassed customer service and its multidisciplinary team of professionals, the EE&G brand has reached national recognition as a leader in the Environmental Remediation, Restoration, and Construction Industry. EE&G is your One-Stop-Shop to abate, remediate, renovate, rebuild, clean, remove, recover, or demolish your environmental-related or damaged property/structure issue. One point of Responsibility – Unsurpassed Customer Service and Reputation in the Industry.


EE&G was established in 2004, however, prior to its establishment, the management and staff of EE&G had provided environmental / engineering consulting and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) services since 1986. We have been under Evans Environmental & Geological Science & Management, LLC (Evans), reaching more than 30 years of experience. EE&G has established a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions to environmental and engineering concerns. On the other hand, we keep working with clients to resolve environmental and engineering obstacles to facilitate projects. Our reputation is a direct result of our pragmatic approach to contracting services, and the ability of our professionals to become a part of our client’s team. Finally, we keep working to develop solutions that not only solve the environmental problem but also address the specific constraints of the client organization.


Our staff includes Engineers, Scientists, Geologists, Certified Industrial Hygienists, and Support Professionals. From this diverse pool of experts, we assemble highly focused teams possessing the knowledge, experience, and resources to be your advocate and resolve your most complex issues. If you are a team player and possess talent as Environmental Engineer, Industrial Hygiene Specialist, or Technician, EE&G may be the right choice for you. Visit our careers page and send us your resume today and be part of a great team!. Contact us today, we look forward to being your advocate.


As a contracting firm, our commitment to providing the highest caliber of a contracting firm. This is evidenced by our many successful long-term client partnerships established since our foundation. We are proud to service a wide variety of clients including corporations, developers, banks, local municipalities, school districts, non-profit organizations, colleges, universities, and the federal government. If you need any of our services, please contact us. 

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