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What would you do if your building was damaged in a flood, had the roof torn off by a tornado, or suffered a major loss of utilities? How ready are you and your business for a disaster?

Disasters of any type can affect businesses of any size at any time. According to the Insurance Information Institute, “Up to 40% of businesses affected by a natural or human-caused disaster never reopen.” According to Ready.gov, businesses that take the time to create a disaster recovery plan and practice that plan are far more successful in negotiating events that affect their businesses. We at EE&G Restoration know how important this is and that is why we are pleased to offer you our highly customized Emergency Response Plan, free of charge.

This document helps you to identify and address the following:

  • How exposed are you and your business?
  • What are your primary areas of risk?
  • Is your employee roster up to date and all contact information stored in one place?
  • Have all of your emergency contacts been identified?
  • Have all of your suppliers and vendors been identified?
  • Does your business have the financial strength to survive a disaster?
  • Do you carry the appropriate insurance for all areas of exposure?
  • What is your operational contingency plan were your facility to be compromised?
  • What are the emergency procedures unique to your type of business?

This no-cost plan allows you to take a proactive approach to plan for and respond to a variety of events that could have a significant impact on your business, facility, employees, and customers. We will assist you in the development of this document and train you on how to maximize this tool within your organization. We are EE&G Restoration, your expert partner in disaster recovery and preparation.

We are proud to serve our local communities: Miami, Doral, South Miami, Orlando, and Melbourne, attending needs across South Florida. We’re nearby and ready to help.  We offer Commercial Water Damage Restoration, Commercial Mold Remediation & Commercial Mold Removal, Commercial Reconstruction, Residential Restoration, Water Damage Restoration & Reconstruction, Commercial Fire Damage Repair and Restoration. EE&G Restoration is part of EE&G network offering Disaster Recovery Teams strategically located throughout the country to respond to large-scale disasters. If you have any question visit our FAQ page. EE&G Restoration is an IICRC certified firm.