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Construction Remediation & Renovation

EE&G proudly counts with a construction remediation and renovation staff of licensed engineers. All of them are fully trained and ready to engage in any project presented. We are experts in general contracting, emergency disaster response, and construction remediation and renovation jobs.

General Contractor

As a general contractor, we are responsible for the overall coordination of a project. Our experts understand the process and assess the project-specific documents (referred to a bid, proposal or tender documents). More than general contractors, we are a full-service company. Our general contracting services include restoration and renovation of building exteriors, interiors, and infrastructure. We work with small projects up to a complete demolition and rebuild.


In the case of renovations, we meet the required visit to get a better understanding of the project. Depending on the project delivery method, we will submit a fixed price proposal or bid, cost-plus price or an estimate. We will then determine the cost of home office overhead, general conditions, materials, and equipment as well as the cost of labor to provide the owner with a price for the project.

Leading Construction Company

As you might know, our previous experience is extensive. We have performed outstanding jobs in the restoration of historical buildings and numerous brownfields sites. As you can see in our portfolio we have worked with municipalities and the federal government. Some of our remarkable projects included the World Trade Center Recovery Operations and Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. if you are looking for a general contractor, contact us today.

General Contractor Licenses

Florida Certified General ContractorLicense # CGC 1515204
Georgia General Contracting CompanyLicense # GCCO004880
Mississippi Residential Builders LicenseLicense # R17325
West Virginia General ContractorLicense # 050321

Asbestos Contractor Licenses

Florida Asbestos ContractorLicense # CJC1154179
Georgia Asbestos ContractorLicense # 8 2737800
Alabama Asbestos ContractorLicense # 8060440
Arkansas Asbestos ContractorLicense # 000599
Louisiana Asbestos ContractorLicense # 62112
Michigan Asbestos ContractorLicense # 2176
Mississippi Asbestos ContractorLicense# ABS00007397
South Carolina Asbestos ContractorLicense # CO-00509
Tennessee Asbestos ContractorLicense# AF427553547

Mold Remediation Licenses

Louisiana Mold Remediation ContractorLicense # CGC MRSR112
Florida Certified Mechanical ContractorLicense # CMC1250021
USEPA National Lead RRP Certified FirmLicense # NAT-65695-2
Louisiana Mold Remediation ContractorLicense # CGC MRSR112