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Disaster Response

Our disaster response team will Stand For You any time needed
EE&G  will stand there for families on the long road to recover from any disaster.
EE&G disaster response team, will help you minimizes recovery costs and try to assess issues at the shortest time possible.

Getting Your Business Back Up & Running is Our Mission

  • Short-term Assistance- Helping families find nourishing food, clothing, medical assistance and safe, clean shelter.
  • Long-term Response and Recovery Assistance-A coordinated response to help families who lost their homes and possessions.

The qualified staff and licensed engineers at EE&G respond to natural disasters and emergencies with comprehensive, effective solutions. Our disaster response team is called upon to relieve areas afflicted by hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, earthquakes, and national emergencies. EE&G’s disaster recovery work is extensive, offering the technical planning needed to protect the health & safety of victims and create a smooth recovery process. In addition, our debris management, building assessment, and remediation services clean up and rebuild communities, returning safety and normalcy to citizens nationwide.

Our part in assisting our country in times of need is paramount. Our portfolio includes World Trade Center Recovery Operations to clear the 9/11 site and management and consulting services during the Hurricane Katrina debris cleanup project in New Orleans. EE&G disaster response experts have also relieved communities affected by Hurricanes Jeanne and Frances in Florida, and by Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey. More recently, EE&G is at the heart of recovery operations in Oklahoma, assisting victims of the devastating tornado strikes.