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Indoor Air Quality

EE&G Air Quality Testing Experts- 30 years of experience  offering Industrial Hygiene, and Indoor Air Quality Testing and Solutions. Professionals are concerned with both health hazards, industrial hygiene, and the immediate economic impact of the health hazards. Every Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) situation is unique; many variables may need to be considered to address a specific issue. Accordingly, EE&G utilizes a phased study approach to economically evaluate IAQ. The initial phase includes visual inspections and a preliminary air quality screening. Based on the data collected in this phase, recommendations for corrective action or additional testing are prepared. The phased approach reduces client expense and focuses on results. IAQ Services include:

  • Preliminary building and environmental assessments.
  • Development of written scope of work for remedial actions.
  • On-site supervision of contractors.
  • Post remediation verifications.
  • Collections of air and surface samples.
  • Water Intrusion Evaluations including IR Scanning & Moisture Mapping.
  • Diagnostics of HVAC systems.
  • Chemical testing and work place hazard evaluations.
  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Testing
  • Evaluation HVAC system design and performance against standard performance factors and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by an ASHRAE certified OPMP.
  • LEED Testing
  • Building Pressurization

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