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Industrial Hygiene

With the increasing public concern about industrial hygiene, EE&G gives much attention to the health problems connected to contaminants, pollutants, and hazardous materials. That is why we have been working together with clients to showcase our expertise in sampling, testing, monitoring, abatement planning, and demolition when the presence of any of these substances has been in question or a conclusive study has detected them.

Buildings of all types, ages, and sizes are at potential risk of containing hazardous and toxic substances within their structural components. Depending on age and geographic location, building materials and systems may contain asbestos, lead, sulfur gas, radon gas, mold, mercury, PCBs and other dangerous substances. As buildings mature and undergo renovations, damaged materials can cause health risks.

EE&G helps property managers, building and home owners become aware of any building materials or conditions that are questionable. We sample, test, and make an inventory of suspect materials and indoor air quality. At EE&G, our employees are trained, knowledgeable, and accredited professionals who provide our clients with the best quality and high value services. We lead the design and oversight of abatement and mitigation measures and help our clients establish operations and maintenance procedures to manage hazardous materials.

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