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Disaster Response
EE&G Disaster Response I Hurricane Damage Restoration & Repair
October 13, 2015
Hurricane Damage Restoration & Repair
Hurricane Damage or any storm damage can have devastating consequences. Over the sea, a hurricane, cyclone or typhoon can cause the level to rise by several meters. This rise in water causes massive waves to hit the shores near the storm. Overland, the hurricanes do a lot of damage, with powerful winds blasting the landscape. Heavy rains from the hurricane’s clouds also cause flooding.


Hurricane or Storm Damage

Generally speaking, it won’t make a difference whether your home or business was damaged in a tropical storm or a hurricane. On a practical level, the damage can be the same regardless of what type of storm it is. Although a hurricane produces heavier rain and more intense wind and flooding, a building can still be subjected to significant damage in a tropical storm, including wind, rain, storm surge, mud, mold and debris. Many business policies state that windstorm coverage and flooding are usually listed under the same cause of damage.

Hurricane Damage Restoration & Repair

EE&G was retained by P&J and mobilized within 12 hours. They mobilized to various trailer parks throughout South Florida following Hurricane Wilma in Fall 2005. EE&G team performed initial damage assessments of 100’s of trailers and park facilities. On the other hand and then aided the prime contractor with pre- and post- reinstallation inspections. Finally, they acted as a liaison between P&J and officials from FEMA as well as the Army Corps of Engineers.

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