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Asbestos Abatement

At EE&G We are experts identifying and properly monitoring the abatement of ACM from the site before refurbishments or demolition. Partner with EE&G to manage your facility’s renovations and repairs by appropriately surveying and recording the type of material and disturbances. We also offer testing for public and private sectors, permitting purposes along with simply peace of mind elections. Call us to learn if you should be concerned about asbestos.

Some benefits of an asbestos survey performed by Aeris:
  • Helping in the management of asbestos containing materials (ACM)
  • Identifying and properly monitoring the abatement of ACM from the site before refurbishments or demolition.
  • Providing accurate data and information about amount, condition, and location of asbestos containing materials
  • Proper reporting to satisfy local and regional regulations and standards

Asbestos Survey & Sampling​​

Aeris provides asbestos surveys for the purpose of locating the material as far as practically possible. These surveys are performed by industry standard trained Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) building inspectors.
Asbestos is generally assumed to be present in a variety of building materials. Materials consist of but not limited to drywall, joint compound, insulation, popcorn ceiling texture, ceramic tile, grout, caulking, roofing shingles, tar paper, air duct tape, vinyl and linoleum flooring. Generally, asbestos containing materials (ACM) are not a hazard unless they are considered friable. Friable means the material can be easily crumbled such as soil being pinched between your fingers. If the material is considered friable then the danger is within the inevitable asbestos fiber release from the ACM into the ambient air. These fibers can then be inhaled and cause serious long-term ailments such as cancer and mesothelioma. An asbestos survey will allow our team to properly inspect and identify where these materials are located and what condition they are currently in. It is important to understand what a survey can do for you and your facility management teams.