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Flood Restoration Project at Sunview Park – Concession Stand, Ice Building and Football Storage Room
February 26, 2020

EE&G was retained by the Broward County Parks and Recreation Division, Parks Maintenance Group to provide restoration services in connection with a flood event determined to be microbially contaminated water at Sunview Park following Hurricane Irma. The initial tasking included the removal and disposal of water-impacted contents, followed by the removal and disposal of water-impacted building materials below five feet. Then the cleaning and sanitization of remaining non-porous interior and exterior building materials. Finally, post-remediation verification inspections and sampling of the work areas.

EE&G team successfully removed damaged materials, cleaned the remaining materials from the work areas and provided drying equipment to reduce the moisture content of the remaining building materials.

Microbial Swab Sampling

Areas of flood restoration (removals and sanitization) were sampled to determine the efficacy of the methods used. Additionally, EE&G completed verification swabs in order to assess work areas for total surface hygiene.

Restoration Methods

The restoration of the areas was completed by others.