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Civic Center Brownfields Site City of Miami’s Brownfields Redevelopment Grant

A second primary focus of the grant focused on the City-owned Civic Center Property, which was impacted with dioxins and heavy metals (arsenic, barium and lead) associated with the historic dumping of incinerator fly-ash. EE&G conducted soil and groundwater assessment activities, prepared a Site Assessment Report, and conducted a Risk Assessment to assess the actual “risk” to human health and the environment, and finished with a Feasibility Study to evaluate available remedial options. EE&G negotiated the tentative approval from the Miami-Dade County DERM to redevelop the property while leaving the impacted debris in-place under a protective engineering control and Restricted No Further Action.

Subsequently, EE&G assisted in the preparation of a Brownfields Economic Development Incentive (BEDI) grant application, which was approved by the U.S.HUD for $1,000,000 in cleanup funding and a $4,000,000 Section 108 loan. Therefore, the developer opted for an approach that would remove the impacted soils prior to development. Mr. Craig Clevenger, P.G., (EE&G) assisted the developer with the preparation of a Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement (BSRA).

During expanded assessment activities, EE&G identified that the buried incineration debris was beneath two northern-adjoining properties (Civic Towers and St. Agustin Villas), which had been developed with multifamily residential structures. EE&G was retained by the City of Miami to conduct an emergency response Source Removal of impacted soils in the vicinity of a playground on the Civic Towers property. EE&G provided subsequent direction and assisted with preliminary negotiations between the City, the property owners and DERM to lay the groundwork for a future Restricted No Further Action on these residential properties.

EE&G participated in public meetings, made presentations for private/public stakeholders, and served as a liaison between the City and the regulatory agencies.