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How Do I Become a FEMA Contractor?

FEMA does not pay contractors directly. Instead, local parishes are the entities that hire and ultimately pay contractors for their work. Local governments that hire contractors and are seeking federal funds must follow all federal, state and local procurement practices.

How Do I Become a FEMA Contractor? Follow these steps:

Step 1: Register with Central Contractor Registration (CCR)
Your company must be registered with CCR before doing business with FEMA. If you have not
registered, please go to www.ccr.gov. If you have any questions about the CCR mandate, please
contact the CCR Assistance Center at (888) 227-2423.

Step 2: Request a Vendor Profile
Contact the FEMA regional support staff via email at FEMA-Industry@dhs.gov to request a
vendor profile.

Step 3: Complete and return the Vendor Profile
Upon receipt of the Vendor Profile, complete and return the profile to the FEMA Industry email
account at FEMA-Industry@dhs.gov. This is the most expedient way to have your profile
information posted for review by acquisition officers.

Step 4: If the vendor does not have an electronic means to request or send the Vendor
If the vendor does not have the capability to respond electronically due to the disaster, please call
the Acquisitions Industry Liaison Help Desk at (202) 646-1895. Please note, this step is not in
lieu of step 3.

Once a vendor profile has been processed, the vendor will receive confirmation of receipt. Please
allow 24 – 48 business hours to input profile information. The registration process captures your
companyís information and service offering to help FEMA program offices and contract
professionals identify potential vendors for disaster recovery efforts.

Please be patient as FEMA acquisition professionals seek to fulfill all program requirements that
require immediate needs in impacted areas. If there is an opportunity to utilize your services, and
acquisitions professional will contact your company as needed to fulfill necessary requirements.

*This correspondence or process does not promise, commit, or imply that a contract will be awarded.
This process is an additional market research tool that will provide your companyís information to
FEMA program offices and contract professionals seeking vendor assistance during this disaster.