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What Is a FEMA STEP Contract?
March 1, 2020

A FEMA STEP contract is a Public Assistance is a cost-sharing program that reimburses applicants at least 75 percent of eligible costs. A sample of a FEMA STEP CONTRACT IS FEMA Approves $54 Million for North Carolina’s Implementation of STEP Program.  This program was approved in the North Carolina Office of Emergency Management for instituting Read More…

How Do I Become a FEMA Contractor?
February 18, 2020

FEMA does not pay contractors directly. Instead, local parishes are the entities that hire and ultimately pay contractors for their work. Local governments that hire contractors and are seeking federal funds must follow all federal, state and local procurement practices. How Do I Become a FEMA Contractor? Follow these steps: Step 1: Register with Central Read More…

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