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Biotest Pharmaceuticals – Containment

EE&G was contracted by Biotest Pharmaceuticals  to provide design, construction, and consulting services for the erection of four negative air containments. The work was performed under the direction and supervision of EE&G’s Certified Industrial Hygienist as well as an Environmental Remediation Supervisor. EE&G engineered the ventilation system to maintain a minimum of -0.03 inches (wg) of negative pressure, and designed the management of air flow and filtration such that air entering the containment system would be HEPA filtered and the air flow within the containments would generally flow from areas of low contamination towards areas of higher contamination.


Following acceptance of the design by the Client, EE&G proceeded with the construction of the 4 containments using double layers of 6 mil poly. During the trial run of the Client’s process (approximately 3 days) EE&G supervised the site in order to respond immediately to containment failures and to effect repairs. EE&G provided consulting services in support of the overall project. These services included workers safety such as personal protective equipment, procedural development and air testing.