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Wheelabrator’s Line 1 Fabric Filter Storage and SDA Areas Containment Construction and Installation of Engineering Controls for Ash Management Program

EE&G was retained by Wheelabrator, Inc. to provide abatement and construction services at Wheelabrator’s Line 1 Fabric Filter Storage and SDA Areas. EE&G built and installed a polyethylene containment constructed of reinforced fire retardant polyethylene sheeting in the specific areas.

The work was commissioned as a part of a periodic cleaning of ash from incinerators at a co-generation facility. Preliminary services included; Assessment of the ash with sample collection and analysis, design of containment systems, coordination and plan approval with internal staff as well as notifications to local regulatory agencies.

Following approval and characterization of the waste, EE&G mobilized a work crew to implement the remedial action plan. The work included the construction of a containment area to prevent the migration of waste ash outside of the immediate work area. Engineering controls were used to both filter the air as well as to maintain the work area under negative pressure.

Utilizing a combination of engineering controls and specialized work practices as well as our in-house technical and managerial professional, EE&G was able to complete the work in an accelerated time period thereby preventing a delay in the start up of the facility.