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Final Air Sample Testing Results Consulado General del Peru

EE&G conducted final clearance air testing for the Consulate General of Peru. The asbestos removal project involved the removal of the approximately 850 square feet (SF) of asbestos-containing material (ACM) white “popcorn” ceiling texture on the west side of the floor. The technicians of EE&G collected air samples from the area for final clearance testing under strict observation. Later on, these samples were tested subsequently.


The asbestos air clearance is essential for government entities such as Consulado General del Peru. Final Air Sample Testing was conducted immediately after the asbestos removal. It was conducted before the abatement containment was taken down to make sure that the potential release of fibers in the air was prevented.

Air Sample Testing

We have to understand that air pollution has different types. There are a few types of air pollution that can’t be seen with the naked eye but still can cause serious health problems. There are minerals in our air that lead to, as stated, health problems. One of those minerals is known as Asbestos. EE&G collected all necessary air samples in the work area.

Asbestos Containing Materials

Asbestos included roofing and flooring of the building;  walls and ceilings.

Other Measures

All work was performed in accordance with the Federal, State, and local regulation and under the supervision of EE&G’s OSHA and EPA certified professionals.  As a Florida-licensed Asbestos Contractor, EE&G provided labor, materials, and equipment to remove and dispose of the ACM.