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Removal of Asbestos Flooring Including Daily PCM Clearance Testing

EE&G was retained by Capital Contractor Services to conduct final clearance air testing for the subject asbestos abatement project in Coral Gables, Florida. The project involved the removal of all asbestos-containing materials. The work was performed in accordance with the Federal, State and local regulation and under the supervision of EE&G’s Certified Occupational Safety Health Administration and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) professionals.  As a Florida-licensed Asbestos Contractor, EE&G provided labor and materials to remove and dispose of the ACM.

EE&G determined the area’s need for asbestos abatement, the asbestos abatement procedure, government-issued permits, and assembly of products necessary for asbestos abatement, complete asbestos abatement process as well as a final Re-test for asbestos.


The asbestos air clearance is essential for commercial properties such as the Waterway Towers condominium North and South Ends, Coral Gables. The clearance was conducted immediately after the asbestos removal. It was conducted before the abatement containment was taken down to make sure that the potential release of fibers in the air was prevented.

Air Sample Testing

EE&G technicians collected three air samples in each work area upon completion and encapsulation daily. The samples were collected using high-volume air pumps to draw air through 25-millimeter (mm) diameter mixed cellulose ester filters with 0.8-micron diameter pores that were mounted in plastic cassettes with 50 mm anti-static cowls. Air samples were analyzed by Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM) in accordance with the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health Method 7400 with results reported as fiber per cubic centimeter of air (f/cc) and compared to the United States EPA clean air standard of 0.010 f/cc of air.

Other Measures

The PCM analysis indicated that the fiber concentration for the air samples collected in these 24 distinct work areas was less than 0.007 f/cc, therefore, the results obtained by EE&G were below the EPA standards and indicated a “pass” for these areas. EE&G deemed this unit safe for construction trades and future occupants to reenter.