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Heery International Renovation of Building 1380 – Medical Clinic Asbestos Abatement, Interior Demolition, Infection Control Services

EE&G was retained by Heery International to conduct asbestos abatement, interior demolition, and infection control services as part of the renovation of a 78,000 SF occupied medical clinic at Patrick Air Force Base, Florida. All work was contracted by and managed under the direction of the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in joint oversight with Patrick Air Force Base personnel. The multi-agency project took a year of planning for a critical move and upgrade as to not impede base medical services. As such, the work plan, environmental controls, contingency planning and the work itself had to be precisely executed to meet the needs of the base.

EE&G helped to develop multiple designs for planning and contingency planning to keep the facility safe throughout the demolition and construction process. This included: energized reroute of critical systems, deenergized system work plans, Industrial Hygiene assessments and monitoring, asbestos surveys and federal notifications, hazardous and regulated materials surveys, biohazards, removal asbestos, demolition, infectious control, safe lead (Pb) work plans and waste management and recycling plans.

EE&G abated both friable and non friable asbestos-containing materials in accordance with NESHAP notifications, PAFB plans, EM385 and the project submittals. Ambient air monitoring and industrial hygiene monitoring were engaged to meet the work plans provided by EE&G. All work was successfully completed under strict multi-agency direct review. In addition, EE&G performed complete Slab-to-Deck or “gray to gray” demolition of all interior walls, MEP components, critical support systems and other items associated with the 40+ year old clinic.

EE&G provided industrial hygiene/infection control services which included; the placement of the construction work area(s) under negative pressure utilizing both 750 and 2000 CFM air filtration devices (AFD’s) fitted with High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters. The construction work area(s) remained under negative pressure for the duration of construction project, mitigating the risk of the migration of construction generated dust to areas adjacent to the work area(s). Rigid partition walls were installed in the building to physically separate the construction area(s) from the active parts of the hospital/clinic. Prior to any demolition and/or construction activities, EE&G installed critical barrier seals above the newly installed rigid partition walls. The critical barriers utilized 6 mil reinforced fire retardant polyethylene sheeting which extended from the top of the rigid partition walls and fastened to the roof deck. A recording manometer was installed to monitor pressure differential in the work area. A negative pressure log was kept on site. EE&G had an industrial hygienist (IH) on site during all abatement and demolition activities. The IH inspected the work area containments daily and monitored areas adjacent to the construction work areas with a laser particle counter (LPC) to document dust levels outside of the work areas. Background levels were collected prior to the commencement of work and were used as control data. Filters for the HEPA AFD’s were inspected twice daily and changed as needed. A filter replacement log was kept on site by the IH.