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Bicentennial Park / Miami Art Museum City of Miami’s Brownfields Redevelopment Grant


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EE&G’s staff has actual experience working on Bicentennial Park (and surrounding areas), under Evans, who conducted due diligence assessments on behalf of the City of Miami, which were funded by EPA-awarded Brownfields Assessment Grants. EE&G’s designated Project Manager for this contract, Mr. Craig Clevenger, P.G., directly managed the due diligence assessment completed on the subject Read More…

Biotest Pharmaceuticals – Containment


EE&G, Biotest Pharmaceuticals, consulting services

EE&G was contracted by Biotest Pharmaceuticals  to provide design, construction, and consulting services for the erection of four negative air containments. The work was performed under the direction and supervision of EE&G’s Certified Industrial Hygienist as well as an Environmental Remediation Supervisor. EE&G engineered the ventilation system to maintain a minimum of -0.03 inches (wg) Read More…

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station – Hanger C Renovation Asbestos and Lead Abatement


EE&G, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Hanger Renovation Asbestos and Lead Abatement

EE&G was retained by Lunacon Construction Group, Corp to assist with the historical renovation of Hangar C located at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in accordance with US Air Force 45th Space Wing requirements. Hangar C was a critical structure in the mid 1950’s and beyond to support the Space Race. Hangar C is also Read More…

Civic Center Brownfields Site City of Miami’s Brownfields Redevelopment Grant


A second primary focus of the grant focused on the City-owned Civic Center Property, which was impacted with dioxins and heavy metals (arsenic, barium and lead) associated with the historic dumping of incinerator fly-ash. EE&G conducted soil and groundwater assessment activities, prepared a Site Assessment Report, and conducted a Risk Assessment to assess the actual Read More…

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